How to Get Glucosamine Naturally

We at TSI Group, the exclusive manufacturers of GlucosaGreen® vegetal glucosamine are curious about something. We know glucosamine has been around for generations. It is a common supplement taken to relieve joint pain in humans. It can also help companion animals remain active and healthy. But that’s not the curious part. What is GlucosaGreen®? GlucosaGreen® is the same ingredient with

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Why Does Ingredient Transparency Matter?

In the world of supplements we often think of certain ingredients as commodities. There are so many options available in the supply chain for these items that making the best choice often comes down to price. Glucosamine is one of those ingredients. It is widely used to promote joint health, and many supplement brands have at least one glucosamine product.

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Resetting Expectations from Branded Ingredients

Symbols of Quality

We are a proud to be a Preferred Supplier of the National Animal Supplement Council. We fully support and adopt their values when it comes to educating consumers and protecting our pets. Symbols of quality help us make buying decisions but true transparency is not just branding. GlucosaGreen® on the label ensures the glucosamine inside is developed, manufactured, and supported

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