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TSI is a world-class manufacturer of innovative and functional health products. TSI strives to build the highest quality products that maximize and maintain active, healthy lifestyles.

Since 1996 TSI has excelled in the innovative development and quality manufacture of health products. TSI supports customers in over 34 countries with state-of-the-art manufacturing, global sales, distribution and regulatory support.  We developed GlucosaGreen because we believe in improving health – for people, animals and our planet.

Why is joint health important?

Joints are essentially the intersection of two bones – allowing our bodies to move, bend and twist.

Examples of joints can be found in your fingers, elbows, hip and knees. However, in addition to bone, joints are also comprised of cartilage, ligaments and muscle.

Cartilage is the smooth, rubbery connective tissue that covers the ends of our bones and acts as a cushion for our joints, helping them move smoothly and easily. When force is applied to our joints, such as running, it is cartilage that helps prevent our bones from contacting each other. Our joints are also surrounded by a joint capsule or synovium. This produces a substance called synovial fluid, which both nourishes and lubricates the joint.

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What is GlucosaGreen?

GlucosaGreen® is the world’s first commercially available Glucosamine produced by a revolutionary, patent-pending direct fermentation process technology.

This technology is expected to revolutionize the global glucosamine market. This extremely efficient technology effectively addresses the challenges inherent in chitin-derived shellfish production, the most important being environmental pollution.

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Regulatory Compliance and Quality

Verified by laboratory testing to demonstrate bioequivalence to all forms of shellfish glucosamine
Manufactured to the highest cGMP standards
Non-GMO, shellfish-free and allergen free
USP, JP and EP Compendial grades available
Available in all glucosamine salt forms
Available in ingredient and finished dosage form
GRAS affirmed
EU Novel food approval
TGA compliance

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