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What is GlucosaGreen®?

GlucosaGreen® is a vegetarian glucosamine supplement produced by TSI Group LTD.

  • GlucosaGreen® is glucosamine without shellfish, with many benefits as a result
  • It is superior to traditional glucosamine made from shellfish because it is made with a process that is more sustainable for the environment
  • GlucosaGreen® is bio-equivalent to all other glucosamine sources but is a kosher glucosamine supplement and can be taken by people with shellfish allergies

What’s so special about it?

GlucosaGreen® virtually eliminates the environmental impact inherent to chitin-derived shellfish production by reducing solid waste by 98% and water use by an incredible 99.6%! It also reduces the use of hazardous chemicals in the process. As a result it is easy to understand how this product is truly GlucosaGreen®!

Why is joint health important?

Joints are where two bones meet and in turn they allow our bodies and those of our pets to move, bend, and twist. Cartilage, ligaments, and muscle allow the joints to function without pain, but without proper joint health:

  • People and animals will experience pain with virtually any movement
  • Painful movement results in limited exercise, which in turn will compound other health problems
  • Companion animals and pets needlessly suffer because they try to keep up with normal movements

In short, joint health is essential to overall health!

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Who makes GlucosaGreen®?

TSI Group LTD, is the sole manufacturer of GlucosaGreen®, and this ensures unparalleled quality and consistency. “Healthy Begins Here” means that no matter where you are in the world of human and animal nutrition, we will help you move forward. For instance, our world-class manufacturing produces the highest quality innovative and functional health products and this supports active, healthy lifestyles around the world.

How is being “green” a part of “Healthy Begins Here”?

Our development of GlucosaGreen® and commitment to the environment shows that our goal of promoting health applies not just to individual people and animals but to our planet as well.



Allergen-free and natural glucosamine,
putting health above all

Animal Health

Plant based glucosamine so pets can enjoy joint health too!


Verified by laboratory testing to demonstrate bioequivalence to all forms of shellfish glucosamine

Manufactured to the highest cGMP standards

Non-GMO, shellfish-free and allergen-free

USP, JP and EP Compendial grades available

Available in all glucosamine salt forms

Available in ingredient and finished dosage form

GRAS affirmed

EU Novel food approval

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