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Where do my supplement ingredients come from?

Jan 5, 2021 | Science and Research

Consumers Crave Transparency

Did you know, according to the website Strategy.com, that the joint health market is expected to increase to more than $14 billion in three years (by 2024)?

As the joint health market grows, consumers continue to crave transparency. They seek an understanding of where the ingredients in their supplements (and the supplements for their pets) are made. 

Our consumer surveys show that there is a significant gap between this desire and the availability of this kind of information. For example, our surveys identified that half of those who take glucosamine for joint health are influenced by sustainability concerns when choosing a brand… 

…yet significant numbers of glucosamine users do not know that it is typically derived from shellfish using processes that are damaging to the environment. Many sufferers of joint pain who are aware that glucosamine is sourced from shellfish avoid this supplement because of food allergies (and related allergic reactions).

Many of these consumers are unaware there is a shellfish-free alternative.

We hope our postings can become a resource for consumers to learn the details that will help them choose products that meet their needs. We strive for the highest levels of effectiveness, quality, and consistency while addressing concerns and sensibilities on how these products are made. 

Our references may not always be aimed specifically at consumers. They will always help you find answers to questions like “How is glucosamine made?” or “Where does glucosamine come from?”

*Reference: Trust Transparency Center. (2019). 2019 2nd annual Trust Transparency Center Single Ingredient Association Consumer Survey