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GlucosaGreen® NSF Certification

Feb 6, 2024 | Sustainability

We are excited to announce that TSI Group’s GlucosaGreen® has achieved a game-changing milestone by recently completing independent carbon footprint verification.

Certified by NSF and meeting the stringent ISO14067 standards for carbon footprint and lifecycle assessment, GlucosaGreen® is no traditional glucosamine. This material, produced through an innovative fermentation process, slashes the carbon footprint by a stunning 73% when compared to traditional shellfish-derived glucosamine.

This not only positions GlucosaGreen® as the premier sustainable and environmentally friendly form of glucosamine, but also aligns with the values of the eco-conscious consumer, who seek products that make a positive impact on the planet.

Our unwavering dedication to innovation and sustainability shines with GlucosaGreen® – we’re not just part of the conversation—we’re leading the eco-friendly charge into a more sustainable future for our supplements.