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Earth Day Every Day

Apr 22, 2021 | Sustainability

Today is the 51st annual Earth Day. Earth Day was first conceived in the United States to raise awareness about the long-term impacts of industrialization on the planet. The holiday gained international recognition beginning in 1990. Today Earth Day is recognized as the largest secular observance in the world, mobilizing more than one billion people to action in over 191 countries.

At TSI Group, we realize that change does not happen in a single day, no matter how large the observance. It is the work that companies and organizations do every day of the year that make a difference. We have been and continue to be focused on reducing our impact on the environment 365 days a year.

GlucosaGreen® is a perfect example of how a daily effort can make a difference in the environment. Our process (extracting glucosamine from non-GMO corn) dramatically reduces the amount of wastewater and solid waste. Especially in comparison to the amount of waste generated by traditional glucosamine extraction from shellfish. GlucosaGreen is proud to produce an eco-friendly supplement that people use every day to relieve joint pain for themselves and their pets.

In 2020, GlucosaGreen® and parent company TSI saved the planet from over 150 million gallons (~600 million liters) of wastewater and over 15 million pounds (7 million kilograms) of solid waste!

In 2021 we aim to eliminate 170 million gallons of wastewater and 17 million pounds of solid waste. How? By converting users of shellfish-based glucosamine to GlucosaGreen®, one user at a time. Our commitment to sustainability won’t stop until the 6 billion liters and 75 billion kg of waste generated every year by shellfish-derived glucosamine are eliminated!

Did you know?

For every 1500 mg shellfish glucosamine tablet, the manufacturer generates 5 ½ times its weight in solid waste. Additionally, the wastewater discharged to produce the tablet is 5 ½ times the amount of water needed to take the tablet.

Today, April 22 we renew our commitment to sustainability and protecting the environment. But with GlucosaGreen®, every day is Earth Day.

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