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Why Does Ingredient Transparency Matter?

Jun 15, 2021 | Pet Health

In the world of supplements we often think of certain ingredients as commodities. There are so many options available in the supply chain for these items that making the best choice often comes down to price. Glucosamine is one of those ingredients. It is widely used to promote joint health, and many supplement brands have at least one glucosamine product. Finding glucosamine is usually pretty easy for purchasing agents. Most ingredient distributors handle it and they will work for an order by meeting or beating a competitive price. Distributors and their customers usually believe that there is no difference from one source of a commodity to another. So no matter who is actually supplying the ingredient, tracing it back to its source can be a challenge for consumers.

Here’s the problem with that kind of thinking. Once we say “all (fill in the blank) is the same” we accept the common limitations and then we miss the details that guide us to better choices.

In that spirit we say: don’t just reach for any vegetal glucosamine. TSI developed and is still the exclusive manufacturer of GlucosaGreen® glucosamine fermented from non-GMO corn. There may be other brands out there, but most are simply putting their brand on ingredients made by other factories.

Why should you care?

Survey after survey tells us that consumers are more demanding than ever about knowing where their supplement ingredients come from1. Our own surveys show that the demand for transparency is even higher for dog owners buying supplements for their pets. Traceability means knowing that quality is consistent and that the manufacturer is standing behind their products. If this is important to you then look for the GlucosaGreen® logo on your joint care supplements. And for any questions please contact us via our website, Facebook or LinkedIn pages.

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