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GlucosaGreen® is Next Generation Glucosamine

Jan 19, 2022 | Sustainability

There is an ongoing and worldwide trend towards natural health supplementation. Consumers are actively seeking products that are natural, safe, and backed by strong science.

Glucosamine has been the backbone when it comes to joint health because of its amazing ability to help reduce cartilage degradation and aid in the rebuilding of cartilage. Glucosamine continues to be the sought-after ingredient for overworked joints. It has helped millions of people worldwide with relief from joint pain.

But consumers are also committed to the safety of our natural environment. A survey of over 2,000 supplement consumers in the US showed that over 60% of people are influenced by sustainability and environmental concerns.1 Consumers should be able to purchase products that are natural and safe, and also good for the environment.

Environmental impact

This paves the way for GlucosaGreen® as the next generation glucosamine for joint health. Traditional glucosamine manufacture generates a massive 466 times its weight in wastewater. It also generates 5.7 times its weight in solid hazardous waste. But the extremely efficient process of producing GlucosaGreen® generates less than 2% of this waste and an amazing 99.9% less wastewater!

GlucosaGreen® is environmentally friendly from its source as well since it is made from non-GMO corn. Shellfish-based material has an impact on our oceans and aquatic life in the way that it is procured and processed. This problem is completely removed when using a readily available, vegetal source.

So, what about safety and efficacy?

GlucosaGreen® has this covered as well. It is verified by laboratory testing to demonstrate bioequivalence to all forms of shellfish glucosamine. It has been tested and generally recognised as a safe and well-tolerated dietary supplement, so it has the same favourable profile as any other dietary glucosamine out there.

GlucosaGreen® ticks all the boxes for a natural safe, environmentally friendly glucosamine that works just the same in the body for proven joint relief. So instead of being an ‘alternative’ glucosamine, it should be the go-to product for the educated consumer. GlucosaGreen® is the Next Generation Glucosamine.