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How to Get Glucosamine Naturally

Feb 7, 2022 | Sustainability

We at TSI Group, the exclusive manufacturers of GlucosaGreen® vegetal glucosamine are curious about something. We know glucosamine has been around for generations. It is a common supplement taken to relieve joint pain in humans. It can also help companion animals remain active and healthy. But that’s not the curious part.

What is GlucosaGreen®?

GlucosaGreen® is the same ingredient with the same bio-activity as traditional glucosamine. It is just made in a different way. Instead of harvesting the building blocks for the supplement from shellfish, we produce it by processing glucose from non-GMO corn. Same glucosamine, different process to make it. Again, nothing curious about that.

GlucosaGreen® is glucosamine; the magic is in how making it impacts the environment. The process to make GlucosaGreen® reduces waste generation by 98% and reduces the carbon footprint by 80% over shellfish derived glucosamine. But once more, this is not what we are curious about.

So why are you curious?

We are curious because we can’t understand why anyone looking to relieve joint pain with glucosamine would ever reach for a product that is made from shellfish. We thought that maybe consumers just don’t know that it is the same supplement. So we checked a number of Google search terms to see what comes up and the one we were most intrigued by was:

“How to get glucosamine naturally”

This is a frequently asked question on Google, and there’s a good chance this is because people don’t want to take the supplement knowing that it comes from shellfish. Curiously, almost every link we found from this search contained virtually the same statement: glucosamine occurs naturally in shellfish, otherwise it is made synthetically. Unfortunately this is simply not true. GlucosaGreen® is derived naturally from non-GMO corn via fermentation. That’s it. No shellfish, no extreme waste, no synthesis. But the same glucosamine as always.

So look for the logo and insist on GlucosaGreen® for you and your pet and take care of your health, your pet’s health, and the health of the planet. GlucosaGreen® is the Next Generation GlucosamineTM.