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Arthritis in Dogs

Jul 16, 2022 | Pet Health

It’s well known that dogs help us to keep healthier and happier in life. They get us outdoors and keep us active, and just like us, they need to look after their joints to keep them in the best possible shape. Good joint health improves quality of life for all of us, so we need to look after our pets as well as ourselves.

Below are a number of  common indicators of arthritis:

  • Difficulty getting up or down
  • they develop a limp or favour one leg over the other
  • reluctance to go up or down stairs
  • stiff swollen or sore joints
  • changes in the way they sit
  • licking their joints
  • Lethargic or trying to avoid physical activity

Arthritis in dogs is a common condition especially as they age. Here are some tips to help combat arthritis for our pets.

Keep them at a healthy weight – arthritis puts extra strain on joints so keeping your dog at a healthy weight will make a significant difference to their comfort and activity levels.

Give them regular exercise – moderate exercise helps to keep dogs’ joints healthy, however overdoing it can lead to issues for our pets. You may need to avoid activities that put too much strain on joints such as jumping. Ensuring that your dog gets the right amount of exercise will keep them lean and support the muscles surrounding their joints.

Add supplements to their diet – there are number of supplements available that can help to ease arthritis pain in dogs. This can help to keep their joints healthy and inhibit inflammation. Speak to your vet about which ones might be right for your pet.

Keep their bedding clean and comfortable – sore joints can make sleeping painful so make sure their bedding is clean and soft. In some cases, orthopaedic beds may be a good choice.

Joint pain is a common condition affecting dogs of all ages and breeds. It affects the quality of life and can potentially lead to serious conditions and injuries if not treated. Following these tips will help your dog to stay healthy and active for longer, in turn keeping you healthy and active as well.